Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    Debra Hamilton
    Diehard Knicks Fan 123-465-7890
  2. Executive Director
    Eric King
    Eric King president of Black Monopoly Records INC created this company back in the year of 2000. I had the vision of going to the top of the music industry as the top promoter in the business. I have an old school soul that likes to keep the original art form alive. I want to put out the best hip hop , r&b and reggae acts i can find that can bridge the gap to the original roots. The name of my company black monopoly records comes from (black) just being proud of my heritage . (monopoly) was my favorite board game that was addicted to playing and the game is a reflection of life in the business and life period. (records) and records is just what the company is a record label that's growing. but it will be more then that is will do all forms of entertainment.
  3. Executive Director
    Tifany Delotch
  4. Executive Director
    Randolph Smelly
    Vice President
    Vice President of black monopoly records. He has promoted events for about 10 years.