Golden Age of Hip Hop

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About Me
The idea of setting up Black Monopoly Records started 17 years ago. I had always had this idea in my mind that I wanted to organize concerts of my favorite music genre, hip hop, and R&B. It was not easy to set the company up however when the company's first break happened in 2009, we have not stopped ever since.
Why hip hop? I always had high respect for the golden age of hip hop. I feel like the 70s, 80s, and 90s were the peak of this genre and I am glad that I was able to enjoy and experience it. This is why I want to share this music genre and let the younger generations experience and feel how to bump and grind. At the same, for senior executives to feel nostalgic of their childhood. 
Are you also intrigued on where I got the name Black Monopoly Records? Well, Black is the word best describe who I am. Meanwhile, Monopoly is my all-time favorite board game and records? Well, it represents the music I promote. 
Promoting hip hop record labels born during the 70s, 80s, and 90s is something I will never tire of. I believe this is where I am destined to be. I hope you'd help me go further with my dream by booking our services and I guarantee that you will not regret it. 
You and your friends or company will definitely have a good time with the choice of songs and music genre that we play. Drop us an email at and let's talk more about hip hop music and how we can help you promote and organize your next concert event.